Scott Kevern


Nicholas Lambert

Associate Engineering Manager - Drive Unit Quality at Tesla Motors

"Scott truly set the bar high with his recent internship here at Tesla with the Drive Unit Quality team. With his experience and attitude, Scott was able to develop a new standard in how you blend data analytics with hands on engineering - greatly reducing the time it takes to understand complex problems and solving the issue at hand.

With his strengths in data analytics, and his continuous hunger in understanding, I can only see great things happening within his career."

Matias Grioni

Computer Science Student

"Scott is a classmate of mine at Ohio State, where I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on many different academic and personal projects. I’ve always been impressed with his versatility and breadth in each project, as he is extremely pragmatic yet eager to get his hands dirty. I’ve worked with him on projects ranging from music generation and semi-autonomous robots, to a GPS-enabled bike. His technical ability is a strong compliment to his product vision. Scott is always thinking of what can be done better with the technology we use everyday."