Scott Kevern

Velodroid Smart Bicycle Concept


As a project for the Ohio State Makeathon 2017, my team decided to develop a smart bicycle concept. In 24 hours, we created a system of LED turn signals, brake lights, and indicators for the rider. The Arduino onboard the bike interacted with an app we developed for Android, which pulled Google maps data to communicate with the bike when the rider needed to turn, and in what direction. The main features of the bike are listed below:

  • Sequential LED turn signals
  • LED brake lights - accelerometer controlled
  • LED distance/direction indicator for rider
  • Android app to send Google Maps navigation data from phone -> Arduino
  • Joystick to manually trigger lights

User Experience

To start, the rider opens the android app and enters a destination. The phone then connects to the arduino on the bike via a bluetooth module. The rider starts off toward the destination. When the rider reaches within 80m of a turning point, an LED indicator comes on the handlebars indicating the direction of the turn. At 60m, the first of 3 distance LED's is illuminated. The proper sequential turn signal is also illuminated at the back of the bike. At 20m, and 5m, the other 2 LED's are illuminated, and remain lit until the rider's phone detects a change in GPS heading. The rider then continues straight on the current road, until the next turn indicates on the handlebars.

This smart-bike concept captured the attention of many judges at the event, and took home a top tier prize.