Scott Kevern

Solidworks Reverse Engineering Project


This is a model of a Harbor Freight vacuum pump, reverse engineered during a teardown of the complete assembly. With 60+ total parts, this was a rather fun and challenging assembly to create. CAD in SOLIDWORKS and Renderings done in Photoview 360.

Teammates: Melissa Krausnick, Jimmy Gaydos, David Diaz Infante


The pump was carefully disassembled (and cleaned!) so that the team could begin measuring it for modelling. I was responsible for modeling the pump body, the cast iron pieces with large cutout circles shown in the picture above. The pump body was responsible for translating the rotational energy of the electric motor into useful mechanical energy to perform work on the fluid.


While only a few of the drawings are shown here, drawings were made for all interesting / complex parts.

Thermal Simulation

The motor housing was selected for thermal simulation analysis due to its specific geometry designed for heat dissipation. As shown in the photos below, the motor housing was surrounded by a set of fins, used to increase the surface area of the housing in contact with the surrounding air. y increasing this area of contact with the surrounding medium, a larger rate of both convection and radiation heat transfer was achievable for the design.