Scott Kevern

Internship Experience Photos


During the summer of 2017, I worked at Tesla Motors in Fremont, California. I was on the Drive Unit Quality Team, where we were responsible for field and production quality for all Model S/X/3 Drive Units. I was fortunate to work closely with the Field, Production, and Data Science teams. My work with SQL and Python to diagnose and predict problems in the field and factory opened my eyes to the incredible value data has in both design and manufacturing environments.


During Fall of 2016, I had the opportunity to work in Production Engineering at Toyota Engineering and Manufacturing North America in Erlanger, Kentucky. I worked in the Powertrain - Instrumentation Engineering group, and was responsible for designing all of the gauges, fixtures, test stands, etc. needed to run new model Toyota engines on Dynamometers in the US. I most enjoyed the opportunity to generate solutions for real-world problems, implement them in CAD, and see them brought to life through 3D Printing and Machining. Several of those designs have now been replicated and distributed to Toyota manufacturing facilities across the US.


During the Summer of 2016, I worked in Honda's Anna Engine Plant, as a mechanical engineering intern in the ferrous casting and machining department. I managed several projects to implement improvements to the cylinder sleeve casting processes, and improved my skills in determining scope, schedules, and budgets. At Honda, I saw first-hand how products are manufactured in the real world, and gained a new appreciation for involving associates and operators in the design process. My mentors and coworkers at Honda were incredible, and I'll never forget their passion, determination to do the right thing, and technical knowledge.